Your Chance to WIN a Solid Gold Aureus!

Your unique opportunity to win a solid gold Vespasian aureus, answer the first of three questions to be found in the pages of each book in The Centurions trilogy.

Note that the answer is contained WITHIN THE BOOK. Guessing the name of a soldier from the year of Caesar’s death or a character from the Empire series will guarantee you an incorrect answer.

To help you a little, you obviously have to find the right page to start with... and please note that the answer is NOT a character in the book or the name of a famous figure from history, in fact, it's not a name at all. You just have to think a little cryptically... good luck!

And there's a mini-competition running from now to the end of May - Every entrant will get a chance to win two character portraits from 'Betrayal', Alcaeus the Wolf-Priest and Marius, First Spear of the 5th legion - and you'll be entered once no many how many guesses you take at the answer.

Fill in your contact info and answer the questions in the form below (*indicates required)

Gold Coin Questions Part 1:

Originally I posed the question: "Find a soldier in the year of Julius Caesar's assassination"
However, in response to comments from some avid readers and in the spirit of making the Book 1 question a little easier (but cryptic), we've added this second version:
Find a Latin soldier following a nonplussed German by thinking acrostically

Gold Coin Questions Part 2:

"Thinking acrostically, find the Latin third before a dying enemy drops his arms"

I have already submitted my answer to parts 1 & 2

Gold Coin Questions Part 3:

"Find the emperor that ended the Julio-Claudian line, after a one-eyed man looks around a torch-lit clearing, by thinking acrostically"

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This is a 3 part competition:

Look out for the questions – and answers – in Books from the trilogy.
Betrayal: The Centurions I
Onslaught: The Centurions II
Retribution: The Centurions III

Betrayal: The Centurions | Anthony Riches

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