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  • By Seb Marr - Reply

    Have loved both series and looking forward to the further exploits of Two Knives and the Tungrians. I was wondering when the competition page would be updated to allow answers to the third question.

    • By Anthony Riches - Reply

      Yes, you’re right, it’s time to let the entrants have at it (I’ve been a bit busy and totally forgot to give the command to unleash questions!). Should be open to entries today, as soon as my webmaster sees the email I just sent him, and I’ll mount the customary social media blitz too…


  • By Donald Mitchell - Reply

    Hi Anthony

    I cannot see any advanced information on Empire X in hardcopy, is that being delayed in favour of Kindle publication, I’m not really too keen on Kindle books and would prefer to have a printed version. Love both series.


    • By Anthony Riches - Reply

      Hi Donald, and thanks for your kindness. Be assured, the hardback and the kindle editions will ship at exactly the same time from what I know.


  • By Karen Mcneil - Reply

    Good afternoon Anthony,
    I love reading your novels -your characters are so alive that I feel like I know them. I have always been interested in military history and prob having a father in the coldstream guards, an ex-husband in the royal engineers and my partner who served in royal signals . All makes sense where my interest comes from!
    My question is – who illustrates your books? Do they sell prints of them?

    • By Anthony Riches - Reply

      Hi Karen – thanks for the kind comments. And yes, you’ll know the military mindset better than most! As to the illustration, do you mean:

      – the jacket designs?
      – the graphic novels of the Centurions series?
      – or the character art for the Centurions series?
      – or the maps?

      Depending on your answer I might be able to help. Please email me at tony.riches@btinternet.com for more information.



  • By David - Reply

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m addicted to ALL your books – love ’em !!
    It’s just like I’m back in the Mob again,with all the Army banter and BS going on.
    There are times when some of your words make me burst out laffin mate…all so real.
    As an ex – Infantryman, I appreciate the words used on those 20 – 30 milers,that the legionaries marched – carrying all that kit…not forgetting that damn pole HAHAHA
    Were your two Family members in the Army ? Is that where you got your Army wit and BS from – if so it’s still valid these days – I think ?
    Keep on writing mate – and I’ll keep on buying the books.
    Centurions IS different,but glad your taking up your pen for ‘Empire’ again – can you give Scaurus and,
    Aquila back their ranks as Tribune and Legatus – please ? They bloody earned them !!

    • By Anthony Riches - Reply

      Hi David,

      I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the books so far. My family have been Army since about 1895 – GGF was a Colour Serjeant in the Grenadier Guards and fought in the Boer War (I have his Queen’s South Africa medal with a healthy six battle clasps). Grandad was a squaddie in WW1 (1st Leicesters) and fought at Ypres in 1917 – one of only two men to survive his first afternoon mainly because he was carrying the drums for the Lewis gun and therefore not running at the enemy. And my dad was a radio operator/loader in Normandy, Sherwood Rangers. Ironically, he was the least warlike of the three by a long way (GGF was a right nasty bastard, I still have the sword stick he used to carry round London in retirement) and yet I suspect he saw the most peril. He got brewed twice, and both times two of his mates were killed pretty thoroughly. But I don’t think it came from the family connection, more from reading a lot and working in a lot of mainly male project teams over the years. Seems to work though…

      And Empire 10 will see the boys back in the saddle, but alongside the Praetorians, so there won’t be any legion commands coming their way any time soon. I hope you enjoy the conclusion of the Centurions series in Retribution – I think it’s a cracker. And there’s a gold aureus to be won – so don’t forget to enter on my website’s competition page!


  • By Peter Holmes - Reply

    Ref Onslaught The Centurions.
    I have read, with much pleasure, all our current books. However, after 168 pages of the above book I am close to abandoning it. The problem is is one of confusion in differentiating Batavi from Roman characters. This confusion is caused by using the same titles for both sides of the war i.e. Chosen, cohort,Prefect, century etc.
    Disappointed and would welcome your comments.

    Peter Holmes

    • By Anthony Riches - Reply

      Hi Peter, I’m sorry, I’ve just noticed this. You make a fair point – and I could have invented some ‘Batavi’ terms for the unit groupings. However, it was my judgement that auxiliary troops with a century of indoctrination into the Roman military way of doing things would have kept on using the same unit names. WHo knows? I hope you kept reading – Retribution is a corker, and there’s a gold aureus worth £2500 to be won. Fingers crossed…