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  • By Eric Toms - Reply

    Love your work. Have you ever considered a work on Marius?. His reformation of the army and his six consulships give him a greater claim to setting Rome on the path to imperialism than Caesar despite his supposed staunch support of the republic.

    • By Tony Riches - Reply

      Thanks Eric! I have my work cut out with a full time job and a series that will grow to 25 book, I’m afraid. And besides, it’s been done (by Colleen McCullough of all people – apparently her publisher shat a cow when she turned the script in as all they wanted was The Thorn Birds! Well worth a read, I loved it.. And yes, Marius was a piece of work alright, the archetypal ‘I’m doing this for your own good’ dictator.



  • By alek luther White - Reply

    Man I blasted through the empire series in like 2 months lol, as well as the centurion series fantastic read both of them truly. I was quite sad when [redacted] died, I did like the parts when him and Marcus and arminus interactions and who can forget the almighty lugos lol. It would be quite a read to have a crossover novel of characters from your series to your counterpart series of Kane, sidebottum, and fabbri. Can’t wait to get my hands on the scorpion strike.

    • By Tony Riches - Reply

      Hi Alek, thanks for the kind comments. Yeah, it’d be interesting if we could ever get the time periods to match up…Enjoy Empire 10!

  • By Doug Scott - Reply

    Where you aware that on the first map in your book “Betrayal” the compass heading is incorrect. North is out by 90° to the left.

    • By Tony Riches - Reply

      Hah! Both maps in fact! Great spot! I’ll pass that on to the map gnomes who reside in the secret basement at Hodder Towers…

  • By Richard - Reply

    When does Pertinax appear?

    • By Tony Riches - Reply

      Pertinax, a famous Roman senator and briefly emperor, appears as Scaurus’s sponsor in ‘The Emperor’s Knives’.

  • By David Moss - Reply

    Hi Anthony
    Totally addicted to your Empire and Centurian Series books, but like to intersperse them with the novels of others dealing with other periods in history.

    I’ve just finished Retribution and loved it but one small niggle on p311 in paperback when ‘Twenty-first Legion …Right! turn!’ was ordered they would have ended up on their right, Batavi/German left flank. The order should have been ‘Left! Turn!’ In order to end up “sweeping past the enemy right flank at speed” (p313 para 2 line 5) as they seem to and needed to do! Sure someone else must have pointed this out by now.

    Looking forward to “ The Scorpion’s Strike”

    • By Tony Riches - Reply

      Hi David, thanks for the kind words, yes, you’re right and no, you are indeed the first! Thanks for the tip off…

      Enjoy Empire 10!