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  • By David Moss - Reply

    Hi Anthony
    Totally addicted to your Empire and Centurian Series books, but like to intersperse them with the novels of others dealing with other periods in history.

    I’ve just finished Retribution and loved it but one small niggle on p311 in paperback when ‘Twenty-first Legion …Right! turn!’ was ordered they would have ended up on their right, Batavi/German left flank. The order should have been ‘Left! Turn!’ In order to end up “sweeping past the enemy right flank at speed” (p313 para 2 line 5) as they seem to and needed to do! Sure someone else must have pointed this out by now.

    Looking forward to “ The Scorpion’s Strike”

    • By Tony Riches - Reply

      Hi David, thanks for the kind words, yes, you’re right and no, you are indeed the first! Thanks for the tip off…

      Enjoy Empire 10!