Retribution: The Decision (Graphic Novel)


Having toyed with the idea of a graphic novel based on the Empire series – which I didn’t follow through with because it’s hugely expensive – I’m now ready to start selling book three in the Centurions series (my new trilogy which tells the story of the Batavian revolt from the soldier’s perspective). Beware – it contains spoilers!

Retribution: The Decision is the third of the three prologues, and they (like the written versions on which they’re based) come together to tell a story that will illustrate the central dilemma that comes to a head at the end of the series…what does an emperor do when a man he incited to revolt to help him win the throne goes too far and becomes an enemy of Rome?

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There will only ever be 125 Retribution graphic novels, and 100 of them will be signed and numbered limited editions (the rest are for me to use as giveaways) – They are available at £10 and only from this webshop, all proceeds to Combat Stress.

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