Betrayal: The Centurions I

Betrayal: The Centurions I

Rome, AD 68. Nero has committed suicide. One hundred years of imperial rule by the descendants of Julius Caesar has ended, and chaos rules.

His successor Galba dismisses the incorruptible Germans of the Imperial Bodyguard for the crime of loyalty to the dead emperor. Ordering them back to their homeland he releases a Batavi officer from a Roman prison to be their prefect. But Julius Civilis is not the loyal servant of the empire that he seems.

Four centurions, two Batavi and two Roman, will be caught up in the intrigues and the battles that follow – as friends, as victims, as leaders and as enemies.

From the Author of Sunday Times bestseller “Wounds of Honour” published in the UK by Hodder & Stoughton.

  • ISBN (Hardback): 978 1473628717

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Onslaught: The Centurions II

Onslaught: The Centurions II

The Rhine frontier has exploded into all-out war. The Batavi cohorts, so recently proud soldiers of Rome, have returned to their homeland, summoned by their new leader Kivilaz: they will be the spearhead of an audacious assault on Roman power

Humbled by the rebels in a battle they should have won, the Romans retreat to their northern stronghold, the Old Camp, to lick their wounds. The 5th and 15th Legions grimly prepare to defend an undermanned fortress against both the Batavi and thousands of barbarian warriors intoxicated by a charismatic priestess’s vision of their victory.

  • ISBN-10: 147362875X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1473628755

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Retribution: The Centurions III

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Retribution: The Centurions III

Victory is in sight for Kivilaz and his Batavi army. The Roman army clings desperately to its remaining fortresses along the Rhine, its legions riven by dissent and mutiny, and once-loyal allies of Rome are beginning to imagine the unimaginable: freedom from the rulers who have dominated them since the time of Caesar.

The four centurions – two Batavi and two Roman, men who were once comrades in arms – must find their destiny in a maze of loyalties and threats, as the blood tide of war ebbs and flows across Germania and Gaul. For Rome does not give up its territory lightly. And a new emperor knows that he cannot tolerate any threat to his undisputed power. It can only be a matter of time before Vespasian sends his legions north to exact the empire’s retribution.

  • ISBN-10: 1473628806
  • ISBN-13: 978-1473628809

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Betrayal: The Raid

Centurions: Betrayal – The Raid

Inspired by the novel ‘Betrayal’ this short (8 page) graphic novel will be part one of a trilogy that asks the fundamental question – what punishment does an emperor mete out when the man he asked to revolt on his behalf takes that rebellion a step too far?

From the Author of Sunday Times bestseller “Wounds of Honour” published in the UK by Hodder & Stoughton.

  • ISBN (Graphic Novel: 978-0995565906

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